White Argyle Diamonds

Discover the allure of White Argyle Diamonds at Minzenmay Poeta, providing you with the unique opportunity to design your masterpiece with these exquisite Australian diamonds.

Our collection of Argyle Diamonds, starting from 0.30 carats, comes with an authenticity card and a GIA certificate, ensuring the authenticity of each Australian Diamond.

Sourced from the renowned Argyle Diamond Mine, now closed, these precious gems are a true investor’s dream. Located in the remote East Kimberley Region of Western Australia and fully owned by Rio Tinto, the Argyle Diamond Mine has produced over 800 million carats of diamonds. As the world’s largest producer of natural coloured diamonds, including the rare pink diamond, these treasures are now even more coveted due to the mine’s closure. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of history and invest in the enduring beauty of our certified Argyle Diamonds.

Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds

Indulge in the unparalleled rarity of Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds, a gem beyond compare in the world of fine jewelry.

Renowned as the most esteemed diamond globally, the Pink Diamond is exceptionally rare, and the Argyle Diamond Mine in the North-West Kimberly region of Australia stands as the exclusive, consistent source of pink diamonds, contributing over 90% of the world’s supply.

As awareness of their scarcity grows, Argyle Pink Diamonds have become increasingly sought-after, and Minzenmay Poeta is privileged to partner with the supply of these extraordinary gems. Upon request, we can arrange a curated selection for your viewing pleasure.

Understanding the exquisite beauty of pink diamonds involves three key factors:

  1. HUE: This represents the dominant colour of the diamond. Occasionally, modifying colours or tints may influence the overall hue.

  2. TONE: The amount of lightness or darkness in the diamond, ranging from light to dark.

  3. SATURATION: The strength or intensity of the hue. Saturation can vary from pastel to vivid and intense. Darker and more intense colours signify a rarer and more valuable diamond.

It’s important to note that Argyle Pink Diamonds are now even more exclusive due to the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine, making them not only a symbol of rare beauty but also a unique investment opportunity. Revel in the exquisite allure of these precious gems, curated with utmost precision by Minzenmay Poeta.

Acquiring diamonds online or from less reputable sources poses significant risks. In our workshop, we frequently encounter clients who have purchased diamonds that do not align with their certificates, gems falsely marketed as eye-clean but concealing fractures, and diamonds purportedly mined but sourced otherwise. Entrusting your investment to a jeweller with a proven track record stands as a crucial safeguard against deception.

While the allure of rare and beautiful things is undeniable, it’s essential to recognize that quality comes at a cost. Understanding what you are investing in ensures the best possible outcome. Minimise risks and make informed decisions by choosing a jeweller with a longstanding commitment to integrity and excellence. Minzenmay Jewellers and Minzenmay Poeta are a family-owned business for 113 years, proving that we have what it takes for you to trust.