Services & Skills

Minzenmay Poeta showcases an exceptional and accomplished array of skills, spearheaded by Paul Minzenmay, a highly sought-after, award-winning third-generation Master Jeweller. What distinguishes him is not only his proficiency in crafting new and creatively designed jewellery pieces but also his expertise as an onsite stone setter. This unique capability ensures that your sentimental jewellery remains on-site—a distinctive offering not commonly found among most jewellers. Additionally, our on-site facilities extend to encompass jewellery repairs. Whilst Paul can be found working creatively on the bench, his wife Bridie is also able to assist you in the unique process of creative design, and the ability to source your stones from around the world.

Beyond presenting a stunning collection in store for viewing and purchase, Minzenmay Poeta provides an extensive range of services, including:

  1. Jewellery Retail
  2. Jewellery Repairs
  3. Jewellery Remakes
  4. Jewellery Creative Design
  5. Bespoke Handmade Pieces
  6. Bespoke CAD Created Pieces with Hand Finishing (Tailored to Budget)
  7. Onsite Stone Setting
  8. Stone Sourcing
  9. Stone Cutting
  10. Insurance Replacements
  11. Jewellery Valuations (Off-site)

These services reflect our commitment to delivering not only exquisite pieces but also comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of our valued clientele. With our extensive access and versatility within this field, we have the capacity to tailor our offerings to accommodate your budget.